Simone Torrey

Facilitating Transitions.

I’m a certified conflict mediator and integral facilitator. My calling is to support organizations and communities find their way through the fog of complex transitions. All my work starts from deep listening, understanding and considering a vast range of perspectives. I then help people and organizations make sense of, integrate and act on what they heard, which can sometimes be hard.  I’ve always been passionate about creating spaces where people, no matter what ethnic or socio-economic background, gender, sexual orientation, age or belief, feel included and have a voice.

I hold an MA in Leadership with concentration Peace Building and Conflict Transformation from Saint Mary’s College of California and an MA in International Communication from the International University of Perugia in Italy.

A significant part of my facilitation experience comes from living and working for 15 years in multi-cultural contexts and many different countries all over Europe, Africa and the United States. I was born in Germany, did my undergrad and first graduate studies in Italy, worked for seven years in Belgium with various international organizations and started one of the first collaborative work and meeting spaces focused on social innovation (now called Impact Hubs). In September 2013 I moved from Egypt to the San Francisco Bay Area, which I now call home. I love going to Burning Man and being part of this creative community, I like crafting, reading and writing poetry, experiencing great art shows, music, dancing, hiking and skiing.

I love hearing from people! If you have ideas for synergies, partnership, or if you think I could be of help, I offer free 30-45 min consultations. Please go ahead and pick a time here:


Project examples

In 2018 I have been working with a small company on a long term culture change process triggered by several sexual harassment reports. The process included company wide listening sessions, leadership support, including a retreat and the set up of employee resource groups. I am also working with an established non profit on a collective vision building process engaging their global community, that will inform new policy and practice of the organization.

2017 I supported an urban high school in Oakland with action research on equity and inclusion, and facilitated multiple collaborative gatherings and strategy retreats for non profit organizations in the San Francisco Bay Area.2006 – 2012 I supported the European Union Institutions with stakeholder engagement for strategy and policy development and participatory leadership development.

2016 I worked on the National Listening Tour on a Culture of Health for the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation with Bob, Kate and Zulma, read more here. 2006 – 2011 I was part of co-creating and facilitating Tasting the Future – a multi-stakeholder lab on food sustainability.

2015 I worked on two large stakeholder engagement processes on ICT & education in South Africa and a national skills development strategy for Tanzania with their national governments supported by the World Bank.

2014 I was part of the team co-creating Labcraft, a book on social innovation labs collaboratively written by 12 innovation lab leaders in four days during a book sprint. I also facilitated several collaborative book writing workshops.

2011-2013 I lived in post-revolutionary Egypt, where I played a supportive role in the emergence of the social innovation eco-system.

In 2010 I worked with various companies to collaboratively design spaces so they support a more engaging customer experience, generative team culture, meaningful interactions.

2009 I facilitated conversations about the contribution of the arts and culture to the climate change debate at COP15 in Copenhagen.