Takahiko Nomura

I am the Founder and President of Future Sessions, Inc, a social purpose company dedicated to helping people in Japan, and around the world make use of the Future Center approach to create social innovation.  In 2009, as one of the founding members of Knowledge Dynamics Initiative (KDI) at Fuji Xerox, I became convinced that work work with knowledge management was insufficient.  Something more was needed to help Japanese businesses transform themselves to meet the needs of current society.  With my colleagues, I looked around the world and discovered the Future Center work in Europe, and it looked as if it might work in Japan.

In 2010 I met Bob Stilger and quickly realized that the Art of Hosting work he was introducing in Japan might be an essential ingredient in our Future Center work.  Bob and I have been working together ever since that time. In 2011, after our major disasters in Japan, everything was changing.  I left KDI to create FutureSessions because I wanted to dedicate my life to creating spaces where people could come together to have real dialog that leads to social innovation and change.

I am also an Executive Research Fellow at GLOCOM, International University of Japan and a Professor at K.I.T. Toranomon Graduate School

Please visit me at Future Sessions,