Tom Hurley

Tom Hurley is a senior consultant and executive coach with a passion for transformation. He partners with leaders in global corporations, NGOs, and networks to design and facilitate collaborative approaches to strategy formation, leadership development, culture change, and multi-stakeholder engagement. He also serves as a trusted advisor for individuals navigating major life transitions. At the heart of his work is profound faith in each person’s capacity for inner knowing and our shared capacity for collective wisdom.

Tom has been pioneering new paradigms for personal, organizational, and business development for over three decades. As CEO of the Chaordic Alliance, with VISA founder Dee Hock, Tom consulted widely on the design of purpose-centered, principle-based organizations that can thrive in today’s complex, fast-paced business environment. Prior to that, he served as a long-time member of the senior leadership team for the Institute of Noetic Sciences, an organization founded by Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell, which he helped grow into the world’s leading think tank on consciousness, human potential, and societal transformation. As a Board member for Margaret Wheatley’s Berkana Institute and the World Café Community Foundation, he worked with a wide range of leaders, change agents, and social entrepreneurs using conversations about questions that matter to co-create positive futures.

Tom is a Fellow of the Oxford Leadership Academy, a global consulting company whose purpose is to develop leaders who will transform business for good, and the principal in his own consulting firm. He is the author of “Collaborative Leadership: Engaging Collective Intelligence to Achieve Results Across Organizational Boundaries” and the co-author of “Conversational Leadership: Thinking Together for a Change.”

Tom holds a black belt in aikido, dabbles in photography, dreams of writing a best-selling novel, and lives with his wife in the San Francisco Bay Area. They partner in encouraging our experience and expression of The Soul’s Knowing.