Tuesday Ryan-Hart

I am a host/facilitator who left the fields of traditional social service provision and academics to become a new kind of change-maker partnering with community builders around the world. My work in community is featured in the book Walk, Out, Walk On by Margaret Wheatley and Deborah Frieze, and I am known internationally for my strategic work with organizations and communities engaged in systemic change.

Trained as a psychotherapist, with a BA in Individual/Family Studies and a Master’s in Social Work, I have extensive expertise in transformational work, specializing in helping individuals, community non-profits, governmental agencies, and organizations of all sizes undergo the changes that will help them grow and become more successful.

With a passion for social justice and expertise in gender & race equality and anti-violence work, I work with groups to enhance awareness and understanding, build alliances, and take positive action together. As part of a Columbus, Ohio “community of practitioners,” I both convene and host community conversations that address the complex social issues facing many of our communities right now.

I am a steward of the Art of Hosting global community of practice, mother of two young children, and a long-distance runner who recently ran my first ultra-marathon.   I am a co-founder and partner in Confluence Unlimited and have a BA in Individual and Family Studies and a Masters in Social Work.

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