Yoichiro Yagi

I wonder, what would the world look like if we took what we know about appreciation, reflection, and kindness seriously?

Now in my mid-forties, I am the CEO of my families building security firm in Tokyo. In 2013, I unexpectedly came to this position while learning more about appreciative inquiry as a visiting scholar at Case Western Reserve University. I decided I would use appreciation of my employees and company as the core of my management approach.

Before taking on this family responsibility, I was a Professor of Organizational Behavior at Kagawa University in Takamatsu, Shikoku, Japan. I received MY Ph.D and MBA from Keio University, and ams the author of a book called  Leadership and Reflection. My research interests are focused on Leadership and Reflection, Dialogue, Mindfulness, Appriciative Inquiry, Strength Based Organization Development and Positive Organizational Scholarship. I am the  founder of a non profit organization, Social Ventures Shikoku, for creating creative change initiated by dialogue with multi-stakeholders in Shikoku region.

Bob Stilger and I met in 2010 and quickly identified many common interests, including a fascination with the power of BA or 場、the relational space which nurtures our connections with each other.  I continue to be very connected to Shikoku and have been active in promoting the spread of Future Centers and Future Sessions in Shikoku.