Zanette Johnson

I am the principal and founder at Intrinsic Impact Consulting, a company that helps teams to increase engagement, wellbeing and effectiveness while they reach their shared goals. As an experience designer, facilitator, and researcher, I help teams make small, powerful changes at three related levels: the workplace context, interpersonal interactions and individual behaviors. These targeted shifts garner big returns in terms of employees’ intrinsic satisfaction and productivity. Drawing upon my background as a neuroscientist and my 25 years as a mindfulness practitioner, I teach people to stay relaxed and consistent as they build alignment between their daily actions and future goals— ever using the power of rituals and routines to bring new practices to life in teams and organizations. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Neuroscience and Religious Studies, a Master’s in Teaching, and a doctoral degree from Stanford University’s transdisciplinary “Learning Science and Technology Design” program.