Zanette Johnson

Using her experience as a learning scientist, neuroscientist, dancer, and dharma practitioner, Zanette invites the work of designing for life from a place of joy. Through embodied experiences that reveal and connect, Zanette activates teams and community leaders as they co-create specific new habits with the power to make visionary aspirations into reality. The practices of our daily lives are the key to changing our world toward resilience— Zanette’s two decades of work with Indigenous learning communities have taught her that values alignment, embodiment, and deep integration are keys to transformation that lasts. Relationship to place and ecology, relationship to kin and community, and relationship to self and shadow are vital elements that inform how each of us walks upon the Earth. Bringing to life new patterns for relationship, resilience, and regenerativity is the work that inspires Zanette’s multifaceted dance with living systems design.