Cherokee Nation

June 19, 2014

We invited Bob to help us examine our agency’s impact on the communities we serve. He did more than that. He helped us see that the real power of our work lies in connecting deeply with people as much as in connecting water lines, roads or services. Bob helped us remember how to listen to and learn from each other, accessing the knowledge we already have to create more healthy and resilient communities. From this initial work we’re exploring new roles as leaders of an organization committed to restoring relationships with tribal communities.

I had known of Bob’s work and reputation for some time, but only recently, in a moment of serendipity, found an opportunity to work with him. Throughout our retreat his open heart, thoughtful listening and skillful facilitation kept pushing us toward more discovery of what good community work might become in this place. We explored new melody and harmony, experimented with chaos, and found our way toward resolution under his wise guidance. Along that path, we also had a lot of fun. Bob’s gentleness, humor and deft action as a facilitator kept the attention on the process and the people, rather than on him. When solutions were called for, his decades of experience with community groups helped us find them.

Steve Woodall, Director of Community Planning
Cherokee Nation — Oklahoma, USA