High River, Alberta, Canada

February 24, 2019

My community had experienced a devastating experience and I was fortunate enough to be trusted to support some recovery efforts. I had been introduced to Bob Stilger and NewStories through a mutual friend and I just knew he was the right person to help me. I love Bob’s gentle yet prodding way of inviting you to consider a truly new way of being and behaving. The default is to think you want to put things back the way it was, I knew this was a time to seize the possible and I needed help bringing others into that. Bob’s approachable manner and way of questioning puts people at ease and opens them up. He never loses his focus on inquiring and asking and reminding people to consider all that could be. I believe we need more of Bob’s work in the world to truly create what is available to us. We get stuck in our ways and the opportunity is always there to do different; better – we just often either can’t see it or are too afraid to try. Bob helps get to a comfortable place to see, to consider and to move to action. I am ever grateful for what Bob brought to me personally, to my colleagues and most importantly to my community. If you are really ready to step into the unknown and all that can be, let Bob be your guide.