Impact HUB – Amsterdam

February 14, 2019
Bob joined our Art of Hosting Societal Innovation team in 2016 bringing with him incredible and deep experience working with social innovators in diverse contexts, such as the USA, Zimbabwe and Japan in the aftermath of nuclear devastation. Moreover, his capacity to inspire and transmit the art of storytelling is a true gift. Not only does he carry a unique capability to translate meaning across cultures and contexts, but he does so with such genuine curiosity for discovering yet new layers of collective meaning in stories with the group that is present. Bob is such a delight to work with, and an incredibly dedicated mentor to enacting new ways of understanding the complexities of the world today. I’d love to work with Bob more often, and I  also highly recommend his book, AfterNow: When We Cannot See the Future, Where Do We Begin? as a valuable resource to any work addressing systemic change.