Leadership Snohomish Country, Washington

March 12, 2019

Where does one go when working to help an entire region find meaning, direction and solutions BEFORE the disaster occurs? Bob Stilger has a magical way of convening, facilitating, listening and helping individuals and an entire region focus on solutions to chart their course that embody head and heart. His expertise as a story teller adds dimension to have strong outcomes in the process of defining and finding meaning around growth and planning. Our county now has tangible goals as we defined our Civic DNA with Bob’s expert and possibility filled guidance. Much as an individual needs to find their authentic self, so does any area preparing for growth. Bob facilitated that process to allow an entire county to find direction while also connecting individuals. Part of the alchemy that Bob brings to any setting is permission for possibility, encouragement to dream big and room for curiosity in a safe environment that actually supports the realization of and structure for those dreams to become a reality.