New Mexico Health Equity Partnerships

March 11, 2019

The New Mexico Health Equity Partnership loves New Stories! New Stories truly knows how to partner with, listen to, and capture the stories of local grassroots organizations and communities. New Stories is authentic, creative, humble, and generous. When New Stories was on a listening tour in New Mexico, they attended our Statewide Gathering and graphically illustrated the dialogue leaving us a visual depiction of the event. For us, the graphic illustration is the gift that keeps on giving. We’ve turned the graphic into banners which partners have utilized at events, celebrations, marches, etc. The graphic has also become a marketing tool for us to share our story. We’ve made stickers, put it on our website, incorporated into our newsletter, and featured it in videos. Further, New Stories also developed and shared a poem at the conclusion of our event highlighting the key aspects and take aways from the Statewide Gathering. This was beautiful and heartwarming way for New Stories to represent the story they heard via art. We are forever grateful to New Stories for creatively capturing the Statewide Gathering and helping us to tell our story.