The Future Is Now ~ Bob Stilger’s Notes from Japan #32 ~ June 7th

It’s my last night in Japan for this trip.  Tomorrow I will return home to Spokane.  For the last two weeks events have been offered all over Japan as part of Future Center Week. Tonight, about 35 people gathered to reflect on what we’ve learned during these FutureSessions across Japan.  This is the 2nd Annual Future Center Week(s).  Last year, we held 5 FutureSessions and reached, perhaps 300 people.  This year more than 70 have been organized across Japan with more than 3500 participants.  Tonight a group came together to talk about what we’ve learned.  For some, it was their first FutureSession.  For others, they’ve been to eight sessions in the last two weeks.  They were business people, local elected officials, university professors, NPO leaders, government officials — an unusual group to find in the same room, EXCEPT in a Future Session.
I just want to share what they said in our closing circle in response to the question “why is this work of Future Centers important to you?”
This is just a good way to create a new society!

I am reflecting on past, but thinking about future. There’s a lot of energy and people are very honest.  This is an opportunity for us all.

I come from Yamagata  where I work for a city council member.  I really feel the need for a way to get creativity from local people,  I was really able to feel the energy.  I really want to have future sessions in my town.  

First time for me.  Really surprised there were so many sessions already. Amazing to co-create with people in don’t know.  

For the last three years, I’ve been searching for the answer about “why do I work.”  When I joined FC last year, I saw how small my question was. FC has drawn me into a bigger world.

Usually you can’t predict the future.  In FC sessions things happen beyond people’s expectations.  We open an unknown future here.

I’m a college student.  Originally FC was a way to connect.  I live in a share house, it is comfortable and useful.  Future Session has a similar feel.

Doing FC in a corporation, people who have never connected and never used their voice are hearing each other.  We need this energy now.

Space design is my interest.  My personal experience of FC is that my brain and heart and soul connect.  When we are working here, we are actually seeing the future,  we are on a trip,a journey, to bring back what we learn.

Before encountering FC, many of my problems were soffocating me.  People who come here are a little crazy;  here we can see beyond old barriers and begin to find new things as well as people to help.  How do we turn this into a system?  I can co-create future here.

I work here – GEOC.  I was asked if we could do FC here. What has come out is very different from what I imagined.  How to make a big impact?  Some people mentioned 1000 future sessions — maybe we can do many here!

Producing a creative BA is what happens here.  Allows me to reflect back on my work. There is a combination of seriousness, chaos — perhaps some of the things needed of creative space.

Talking about future is a literal experience. I realize how few opportunities we have in our lives to talk about future. Maybe we can do it.  Given this precious opportunity to talk about the future really enriches my life.

This past week has been busy taking care of FC logistics.  What I’ve felt is the heightened energy here.  It is wonderful.  This is an opportunity to talk about society.  That opportunity is needed in the world today.  People are asking — can I join?  People have he future in them.  FC is where this energy can bring people closer to the future they want to live in.  We’re actually creating space for others.

The past two weeks I’ve participated in 8 sessions — and I don’t get bored.  I never hesitate because there is so much to receive and so much to offer.  FC is a place where each life has a meaning and a place in this world

Looking FutureSession home page alone gives me so much energy.  People are looking for the future!! The future we envision is coming from people all over Japan.

I’ve never been to one of these before.  I don’t have a strong feeling from the past.  But what I have felt here is a lot of passion.  I’ve been like surgeon in my consulting practice, cutting away. What I see here are new ways.

I have been working for a company for over 20 years.  Being here I find excitement.  I find purpose.  I find beauty.  I’m not a perfect person.  It is very difficult to find purpose and beauty in the company.  Maybe we can bring it in from here.

I don’t know why I’m here — except it is enjoyable.  I don’t think there is one answer.  

The concept of a normal life is boring.  Here I can get to what is important.  The series, the continuity of these sessions is important.

My work at the company involves creating new products.  This improves my vision and connects me to other people in a way that might change all of Japan.  Future Centers all over they  world.  The form of FC doesn’t matter.  Things can happen beyond our imagination here.

This is my third session,  I join because it is fun.  The diversity is fantastic.  Trees all have trunks and roots, but there are many, many types.  It is the diversity that makes a planet.

The participants made the front page of their own newspapers to communicate FC week results.
Originally we gave them 40 minutes.  They talked in groups of 4 or 5 for more than two hours — there was no stopping them!
There’s a sense of possibility here!  May we blow on those flames!

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