What can we each offer on this beautiful and amazing planet in these chaotic and uncertain times?

 Another way of asking that question is what makes enough of a difference to make a difference in these turbulent times? We’re in a world of change. Breakthrough insights in the neurosciences. Learning to learn with nature. Amazing technological advances. At the same time we are witnesses to collapse of systems, structures, and beliefs as cascades of disasters – climate, social, political, personal – ravage communities and upend lives. 

NewStories provides services to groups and communities using participatory processes to create new visions and new strategies for action. We initiate and support projects that are aligned with our mission. We curate stories and resources that provide gateways to the extensive body of knowledge that we have encountered in our work.

“A little bit of one story joins onto an idea from another, and hey presto, . . .
not old tales but new ones.
Nothing comes from nothing.”

- Salman Rushdie -
Haroun and the Sea of Stories

Our purpose

We help people, communities, organizations and systems flourish in these chaotic times of collapse and transformation. NewStories shares insights and knowledge, develops practices, processes and structures, and offers services and partnerships to help create the lives and communities we want, now.

About Us

Since 2000, our work has been a dance of facilitating and connecting, publishing and presenting, curating and finding meaning. We are in deep partnership with people and organizations in North America and around the world who know that together we can and must live into a future that’s almost impossible to see. 


We’re here to help you change your story and change what’s possible.

We’re facilitators, researchers, thought partners and teachers. For almost 20 years now we have co-created the spaces where people gather to have conversations that matter. These conversation lead to wise action changing lives, communities and organizations.

We work with an intergenerational teams of diverse master practitioners – social process designers, facilitators, community organizers, artists, mindfulness guides, coaches and storytellers – from all over the world who have, for decades, been designing and facilitating spaces that move from conversation to action.


Like the air we breathe, there is an invisible field of stories all around us and through us, whether or not we are conscious of it. Story is the way we pass on our history, our beliefs, our points of view. This StoryField is what makes meaning for our lives. It shapes what we think and how we act. And we shape it through our thoughts and actions through time.

At NewStories we address the larger, archetypal, hidden stories that sweep huge swaths of the human population into a particular configuration of beliefs of what has meaning and how the world works. Some of these stories are in religions, cultural traditions, and different eras of scientific understanding that have changed through time. Some come out of myths and fairytales and some come out of different movements of intellectual or political thought.


At NewStories we do whatever we can to support work bringing communities back to life. We both undertake initiatives of our own and we are a virtual HUB for organizations in the US and around the world whose efforts are resonate with our values, principles and beliefs. Check them out. They range from the Humane Prison Hospice project at San Quentin to the Kufunda Learning Village in Zimbabwe, as our own key initiative: Preparing for the Possible


Curated resources

An essential part of our work is to curate and offer resources that help all of us navigate in these times of change.

NewStories President Bob Stilger wrote his book AfterNow: When We Cannot See the Future, Where Do We Begin? after feeling called to he to help people in Japan rebuild from the “Triple Disasters” of 2011. It is his story and the story of thousands in Japan discovering what is after now?

Great Transition Stories is a virtual hub for illuminating the larger, often invisible, archetypal stories of our world, which can help us make sense of these times. Lynnaea Lumbard, NewStories Board Chair has stewarded the creating of this collection over many years. The website makes the deeper patterns we’re in visible so we can see where they lead.

Working with groups around the world in many ways for decades now, NewStories comes across some amazing resources which we believe will increase your capacity to meet the challenges and opportunities you encounter in our changing world, including great articles, handouts for various methodologies, informative videos, websites that are related to our work. We call this collection Essential Knowledge.

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